Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Its War!

Last week Tuesday I went into the E.R for what I thought might be an appendix issue.Turned out it was a Crohn's flare, which I figured but wanted to be safe. At the end of the visit, the E.R doc with the help of a GI doc decided to prescribe Prednisone, I want no part of this steroid. I do not think I need it. So this made me very unhappy. Note: I have not gotten the prescription filled.
 Fast forward to Sunday. As I googled "how to cut an avocado". I ran across something in an article. The basic message was to prove out the need for vegan diets. There was a statement in there that got me to thinking. Generally it suggested that there had been an increase with Cancer, Crohn's, Ulceratvie Colitis in people that eat cooked high fat and high protein diets. I to some extent agree. I think it mostly comes from genetically engineered meats and things. That is just my feeling, I have no proof.
 This got my wheels turning big time. I have a friend at work the suggested sometime ago to try Raw Protein powder to give my body a more natural way to recover from my workouts. Raw Protein is completely organic with the protein coming from numerous sprouts and things.The one thing he said that stood out that it has probiotics. What are probiotics you ask, and am I glad you did. Probiotics are basically the good bacteria in your intestine that help support your digestive system. From what I have read Crohn's patients that have inreased their probiotic intake have had reduced symptoms. I did not say cure but reduced symptoms. This starts my mission and it is war!
 So far it has only been three consecutive days since committing to this self trial. Each day I have had the Raw Protein in smoothies, that have had included, strawberries, blueberries, black and raspberries, bannana, kiwi, apple or any combination, I also add yogurt and splenda. I have had reduced pain, more energy, less bathroom visits, just overall better feeling. Tuesday I had some pain after dinner but I think that was because of broccoli. It was fine Wednesday morning. I am taking my Imuran also. Again this is just three days of results, I will continue this mission. It is not my intent to give false hope. It is my intent to prove there is hope away from to many medications. I will post another update after vacation.