Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update on my Mission to be a Guitar Player

I think in my last post about guitar,I was just starting. I was working on G, Cadd9 and D chords. After a lot of work I am very happy with my progress with these three chords. I have since learned A,Am,E, Em plus power chords. I am now working on Bm. That is a very hard bar chord to learn. I feel like I can do it though.
 Songs have been Rock-n-Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Nobody's Fool, Every Rose Has its Thorn, Can't You See and Two Steps Behind. I have the basic idea with these songs. From this point on its about polishing it up. I need to work on my up strokes when strumming and learn to not let the pick slip. I am working keep my hand a little more closed when strumming and narrowing my strumming window.The feeling is that, I coming down to far on the down stroke and trying to compensate on the up stroke, then I catch the the meat of the pick on the high E string. Its frustrating, but I'm not beating myself up. That's why I'm the student.
 If you are a student or teacher don't forget to have fun in whatever you are doing.There's something said for PLAYING guitar. One of the definitions for play is: exercise or activity for amusement or recreation. Its meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. So sit down, plug in, and have some fun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Controlling Crohns

Well last I posted about Crohns, I was trying probiotics. Probiotics at the point had helped slow everything down some. Fast forward to the last couple of weeks. I have been taking Imuran with fish oil and Calcium in the morning. By mid morning, I take a probiotic with a aloe vera capsule. I found this helps make my life a little easier after lunch. I was having so many bathroom visits between 12pm and 4pm. I realized over Christmas that I need to find a solution for this problem. Thanks to my uncle that is an herbalist. He gave me list of things to try and I only have just started to tap into his suggestions. I also have reduced my water intake and increase my use of tea. I usually use Numi tea. The Red Roobios seems to help best, but also use Green Roobios and Orange Spice. These teas seem to hydrate because they are caffeine free, they also help sooth. If I drink pop its usually Diet Vernors. This seems to sit well. I do not drink pop that often anymore.
 Hope some of this helps.......