Thursday, November 25, 2010


As I see all the posts on what people are thankful for, it got me to thinking a little. Everyone has their own little things that they are thankful for, family, seems to be the most popular and rightfully so. I want to open some thought to the bigger picture.
 It is easily forgotten why we have a Thanksgiving holiday. I see no one, myself included, giving thanks for God giving Columbus , then the Pilgrims, the guidance to sail over here. I mention God first because nothing happens without Him. The Pilgrims started the whole Thanksgiving day tradition, yet there is not any mention of being Thankful to them. There is never any mention of thankfulness to Washington, Jefferson and the rest of the writers of the Constitution, never any thankfulness to the revolution. These are things that helped gain our freedom from the British. I never hear any thanks for Harriet Tubman and the under ground railroad, I hardly ever any thanks to our WWII vets, that were the nail in the coffin of Hitler. We are finally starting to get it with thanking our current troops, and protecting us from people that just plain hate us.
Again this is not pointed at anyone, but everyone. How often do you really look at history and are thankful for sacrifices that have been made? Would we be where we are at if these things did not happen? Just  trying to start some thoughts this Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

15 Things I am Thankful for....

My Sister-in-Law Amy started the above title on her blog. As I read hers,then my brother's I felt I should do my own so here we go.


2. Freedom                                                                 
3.My Wife which is my Best Friend and all she does

4.Cody,Amanda,Jeff and Jake.They joy of seeing them grow up.

5.Mom and Dad,I wouldn't have been born without them

6.Crohn's Diease, helps me take care of my body better.

7.The scars,broke bones,aches and pains. They all tell a story

8.My job. Even if it is a headache

9.A home and place to lay my head.

10.Friends and Family that have left this world way to soon.
11.Books and the ability to read



14.The ability to know right from wrong

15. The Car