Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working Out

So, work has been terribly busy. To the point where I come home very frustrated and stressed. Don't get me wrong I am thankful we are busy. Its a good problem to have. Anyhow, I have felt the need to manage that stress in a positive way. Its nice to read when I can relax but I can't read when my stress is out of control. So that leaves working out.
 It used to be I had a handful of workouts I like to do. It starts to get old after a while. Now I've taken those workouts and incorporated the Bowflex (resistance) with dumbbells (dead weight). At pretty good weight (100 lbs resistance) 25 lb(dumbbells) amounts and I try to get more than 10 reps per set for 3-4 sets. I found that I hit muscle failure much quicker. Sometimes I will throw in fast paced med ball exercises between sets. This keeps my heart rate up and blood flowing. See I have so much pent up energy by the time I get done I feel good about what I just did.
 As far as cardio goes, every other day, it has been treadmill programs and increasing the speed to challenge myself. Sometimes its the recumbent bike with programs and pushing hard with it goes to high resistance. I haven't been able to put together full weeks. I'm starting to become ok with that because it is Christmas and because I am older and don't want to over do it.
 I try to keep motivated with custom playlists on my Ipod. I don't listen to angry music, it gives me a headache. But upbeat, high energy tunes. There are points in some songs that give me that extra boost when I need it. At cool down I will listen to classic guitar, or light Christian music. This helps me to reflect a little bit and appreciate everyone around me.