Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer

 Well usually Labor Day weekend is the last time we go to the cottage for the summer. Here we see a nice sunrise. The sunrise on the lake is always something to see and admire. This was a great start to a great weekend.    We picked up Klaudia, our exchange student, from the airport on Wednesday. We didn't give her a whole lot of "soak in time" at home. We left for the lake on Thursday (Melissa's Birthday). Friday morning she took this picture.
  Friday morning we left Higgins Lake for Mackinac. The did some shopping. We left Mackinac about 1:30pm, then headed to Tahquamenon. Klaudia has been to the States for trips with her family. She has never seen The Mackinac Bridge. Of course we had high winds Friday and traffic was very slow. High winds make the trip across very interesting.
 Now this starts the adventure to the Falls. Most of the kids were sleeping along the way. I'm not sure why, there are so many trees to look at, how could a person not be excited. We were hearing reports of rain most of the way. We arrived in Paradise, Michigan and it started to rain hard. When you have driven that far,there is no turning back. By the time we arrived at the lower falls the sky opened up and the rain stopped. A true blessing. Melissa and I would have walked it no matter what. At least we were sparred from the grumbling from certain children.  The river looked very low compared to last October. They are beautiful none the less. When we were done at the lower falls,we went to the upper falls. It was the first time there for all the kids. As far as I can tell, the all enjoyed it. One of these times we will hike the whole thing. Here's a link if you want more information on Tahquamenon Falls: 

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