Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, before my recent vacation, I went to my doctor for the follow up to the E.R visit. He agreed with me that now is not the time for Prednisone. This makes me very happy. Vacation went well up through Friday before we came home. I wasn't having any problems. I had a half of a flank steak at our elegant inner .I believe this is what gave me some issues. We had steak again the first Tuesday we were home. That gave me same pain issues almost right away. It hung with me for a few days. I'm still having little pain issues but nothing major.

 I have not been working out or as active since being home. I also haven't been making smoothies as much. So bottom line, I need to get back to it. Doe exercise really help? Do smoothies really help? I believe that smoothies really do help. Everything is already broke down so it makes digestion that much easier. Also, it may be time to limit steak or try very lean cuts. If I have to become a fish and chicken man that's fine by me.